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SKAU is offering its clinical services through Shri Krishna Ayurvedic Hospital situated in sector 8, Umri road, Kurukshetra. The 100 bedded Ayurvedic multi specialty hospital, situated in the SKAU campus is treating the patients in a holistic way providing both OPD and IPD services in all its departments. This hospital provides the basic facilities for clinical training for B.A.M.S. students. Various procedures are being done and medicines are provided free of cost for the benefit of people. Kaya chikitsa department offers aushadha and aahar kalpana for all major ailments of body like liver disorders, Paralysis, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, psychiatric disorders, skin diseases etc.

Panchkarma unit aims at complete detoxification of body through procedures like snehan, svedan, vaman, virechan, Vasti and nasya karma.

Department of Prasuti tantra offers garbhadhan sanskar , uttar vasti, antenatal care for better progeny and treatment for infertility.

Shalya tanra department embraces all processes aiming at removal of factors responsible for producing pain in body or mind. This includes procedures like Ksharsutra for piles and fistula, agnikarma, blood letting by leeches etc.

Shalakya unit offers kriyakalpa procedures like Tarpen, sek, ashyotan, anjan and putpak for all type of eye ailments.

Swasthvritta and yoga department offers life style modification through dietary regimen and yogic practices for prevention of disease and longevity of life.

Balroga department deals with the care and remedies related to children. Aahar and Aushadha for improving immunity and maintaining growth of child are suggested. swarn prashan sanskar also done for improving immunity and maintaining growth of child. Procedures like Shashtik shali are done for disorders like cerebral palsy. Regular camps are organised in schools under national school health programme.

Other facilities like X-ray, ECG and routine blood, urine, stool, sputum and semen tests are done in our well equipped laboratory.

The B.A.M.S. graduates trained from this hospital are serving in all the corners of the state and fulfilling the health needs of the rural as well as urban areas of the state.