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Introduction to AYUSH University

It’s a great honor to welcome you all to Shri Krishna Ayush University, Kurukshetra, Haryana, the first AYUSH University existing in india and also this kind of university in the world. The aim of the newly established University is to develop education, research and treatment in Indian System of Medicine (AYUSH) i. e. Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani , Siddha and Homeopathy and to rejuvenate a new era by triggering revolution in domains of Health and Education. Presently the University awards Under Graduate Degrees and Diploma courses of Ayurveda and will be soon heading for Post Graduate Degrees and Certificate courses.

The academic foundation is ably pillared by our expert and qualified teaching and non teaching staff who are engaged in upliftment of this University through their dedicated work. With a 100 bedded hospital the University is well equipped to serve excellent health care in a holistic way. Armed with expert physicians and surgeons we offer competent facilities like Operation Theatre, Panchkarma section, OPD and IPD services.

As the Vice Chancellor of this university,I feel myself privileged to “Lead the Team” and ensure that we will be committed to provide quality academic program, excellent teaching , learning, research and efficient health care system. Let us remember the great saying by Acharya Charak “Nothing is impossible for those who have scholarship, thoughtfulness wisdom, attentiveness, diligence and action”.

विद्या वितर्को विज्ञानं स्मृतिः तत्परता क्रिया ।
यस्यैते षड्गुणास्तस्य नासाध्यमतिवर्तते ॥

-(Prof.)Dr.Baldev Kumar, Vice Chancellor